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Warzone Stats App is an in-game Companion for Warzone players that allows you to analyze yourself and get better. Warzone stats tracker App will capture the whole scope of everything that happens in the game and provides it to you in a comfy view.

It is very simple - Download, install and play. Call of Duty Warzone companion App will do all jobs by itself. Our App is windows only but you still can track your PS and XBOX profiles without a need to launch the game.

Lobby Tracker

Track all players in your lobby. Find out how strong are your opponents and teammates by Warzone stats to transform your weak sides into strong ones. Scan your matches and lobbies with average players stats, leaderboards and your own performance historically.

Warzone Stats App is developed with the help of Overwolf API which strictly complies with Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone terms and conditions that makes you sure that our stats tracking App is safe to use.


View all of the important Warzone stats directly on your screen inside your game. Track your session stats in live mode and compare your performance to average values. Our live Warzone events tracker collect the most important stats to have a better game experience.

If you have any questions or need guidance join: Warzone Stats Discord Server

Post-Match Analytics

Check your performance for every match by comparison of your result to your average values. Difference will show the changes in your performance by the most important metrics. Receive summary performance rank about you overall average performance in the match

Advanced Analytics

Learn your weak and strong skills in Warzone Stats App. Find out what you have improved in and what you need to keep eye on. Track your favorite skills and learn the best records of your matches. Friends and Teammates Warzone stats will help you to choose the best squad for your matches to win more

Warzone Stats App
Advanced Warzone Stats tracker desktop application
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