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03 Oct
Call of Duty News

New Companion Stats App for Warzone

The day has come!

New Companion App for Warzone called "Warzone Stats" is available for download.

    Get the best features during your gameplay:
  • Live Session Stats, Pre-game Stats about your last matches, and Post-Match overview Widget
  • Post-match Lobby overview with players' average stats, Scoreboard, Average players KD and your performance comparison
  • Detailed profile overview with Skills and metrics
  • All metrics in dynamics by graphs and comparison to average players' stats
  • Stats about your teammates and friends so you can learn who is the best for you to play with
  • Records and Modes stats and comparison to your average values
  • LFG feature with filters by stats! Now you can search players based on their stats so you can learn the skills of the potential party players
  • The app is currently in Beta mode so we are waiting on your feedback.

    Download Companion App for Warzone
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